As we approach our 20th anniversary, our team is looking back at some of our most favorite campaigns and formats to share with you. 


Postcard Edition

We’ve got high-budget and low-budget options for postcards; you can really make your budget go a long way with this format.

American Association for Justice Winter Convention 2022 / 2019 PROCESS EXPO Registration is Open 

For these postcards, CSG implemented a “cold foil” effect. It’s done on an offset press (as opposed to a digital press) and involves printing foil first, followed by printing CMYK directly on top of the foil. Anything printing on top of the foil instantly becomes metallic-looking, super shiny. “The effect has mostly been applied towards direct mail pieces we have designed, mainly because it really stands out in the recipient’s mailbox.” – Tim Lovelace

The AAJ winter convention took place in Palm Springs and the design just worked so well with the piece. The client was thrilled with the final result!

American Chemical Society 2018 Save the Date 

The American Chemical Society National Conference took place in Boston and featured thousands of presentations regarding new discoveries in science. The purpose of this postcard was to create awareness about the event and spark interest.

“The ACS Campaign I designed in 2018 is one of my all-time favorites.” – Courtney Lopes


Core Creative Edition

Colors, imagery, fonts, and taglines all come together to garner excitement, communicate the purpose of your event, and make you stand out.

APPA 2022 Global Pet Expo Core Creative: We used this creative to build excitement for the biggest pet expo since before the Pandemic — everything from print ads, brochures, web banners and onsite signage. “I love the GPE 2022 campaign because it was such a fun, colorful and versatile creative to work with. There were patterns and collages and paint swashes all coming together to tell a story about the joy of pets.” – Jen Mercer

IAPPA Attractions Expo: The imagery and messaging used for the “Creation Nation” campaign position the IAAPA Attractions Expo as a creative destination for inspiration. The multiple awards this campaign has won speak for themselves. “What I loved most about this campaign was that it was a real collaboration between design and accounts.” – Heidi Aulakh

2019 MedTech Conference: “I thought the 2019 theme of “Improving Health Care. Improving Lives.” and the creative execution were very strong.” – Annalisa Cardarelli

SWANA Spring Conference Rebrand: The core creative was the culmination of the rebranding project we completed for SWANA’s Spring conference. CSG worked with SWANA to develop a new name for the conference—SOAR—as well as a new logo, tagline, messaging platforms and creative look and feel. “The client was extremely happy, and the industry recognized the great work by awarding SWANA with the 2020 IAEE Art of the Show award for Best Show Brand Design/Development.” – Jess Schafer



Most humans are visual, and our agency prides itself in our ability to take on any project and create creative and attention-grabbing content to suit your business’s needs.

See something inspiring? We’d love to create beautiful work for you! Let us know how we can help!