We’ve discussed the importance of sourcing paper early, having clean lists, and how to avoid surprises at the post office. To wrap up our Power of Print series, let’s go over the challenge of extended production times and how to tackle them.

We’ve seen the reports about the substantial decrease in the number of truck drivers, as well as the lack of cargo containers being available, when and where they are needed. We’ve also read headlines about employees leaving their companies in droves, causing a huge hole in workforce. The printing industry for the past several months has been no stranger to these problems, and the forecast for the first half of 2022 looks to be more of the same. What can one do when these issues seem completely out of control?

TL;DR: Start projects early, and continue to push your stick to proposed schedules so that you stay ahead of the delays!

CSG Creative has decades of experience printing and mailing projects for our clients, and while the world has certainly thrown a lot of curveballs at us over the past two years, we have continued to deliver successful print campaigns. Our expertise, flexibility, and creative thinking helps ensure that every step of a direct mail project runs smoothly.