Our world is constantly changing, but print media is timeless and still has its place in today’s world. Here is another tip on how to make the most out of adding direct mail to your marketing mix.

TIP 3: Source your paper early!

Printers are not being left out when it comes to the “shortage of everything” in 2021, and 2022 looks to be no exception. Remember when wood prices were sky high and we were all rationing toilet paper? Those paper and pulp shortages are now hitting the commercial printing industry. With the world demanding more packaging than ever before, many paper mills switched over to producing cardboard instead of printing paper, which has added to the supply change problems. Certain regions are feeling the pain more than others, with limited stock options. And because demand is now exceeding the supply, paper prices continue to increase almost weekly!

TL;DR: Multiple takeaways…

1. Always try to quote projects with multiple printers located in different areas… if printer A doesn’t have access to a certain stock, printer B might! Not sure where to find printers in different regions, ask a professional (like us!).

2. If possible, be open to using a different stock. If your project usually prints on silk, but only gloss is available, consider switching. If it usually prints on 80# text, but only 70# text is in stock, consider changing until the 80# becomes available again. The difference is likely minimal to the average user.

3. For critical projects (I mean, they’re all critical, right?!), ask your printer if they can order and hold the stock until the project is ready. While not always possible, this can help put you and your client at ease knowing the paper is secure, ready, and waiting for ink as soon as proofs are approved. Most printers will require a deposit for this sort of thing, so be prepared to pay early.