We’re back with another direct mail tip to help your marketing campaigns run smoothly.

TIP 2: Avoid Postage Surprises

We always review a job with our printer or mailer before sending them artwork and/or data files. This allows the printer to review the size and specs of the piece (What are the dimensions? How much does it weigh? How is the mail panel setup? Does it require tabbing? Does it need to go in an envelope? Does it need to mail via first-class mail or marketing/standard mail?).

This will assist in determining the approximate postage per piece. That way, you can maximize quantity to work within your budget based on how much the total postage is going to be. For most projects, the mail house is going to require domestic postage funds before the job is passed off to the USPS.

TL;DR: At the start of the project, work with your mail partner/agency to get anticipated postage costs during project creation to ensure there are no fun surprises when the job arrives at the post office!

Stay tuned until next week to see our next direct mail tip!