With so much of digital ad spending increasing by 14.6% in 2021, there is one sure-fire way to break through the clutter: direct mail.

Given the oversaturation of digital content, reaching your audience via direct mail allows you to break through the clutter and give them a tangible reminder about the value or your organization, event, or program.

But with so many challenges brought on by the lingering impact of COVID-19, how can you ensure your direct mail campaign will be a success?

We’ve developed a four-part series that will help you navigate your next direct mail campaign.


TIP 1: Provide your mail house with a clean list!

Many companies have closed their doors or moved over the past two years, so it’s always important to provide as clean a list as possible. To quality for presort first class mail, your list will be run through NCOA (National Change of Address) at the mail house. This process is meant to flag several items including but not limited to: updating addresses if the business/person field a change of address form, flagging incomplete addresses (missing city, state, or zip code), and correcting addresses to a standardized address. It does not give you information about a business’s status unless they have informed the USPS.

Worse, if a job mails via presort standard, the post office is not obligated to return the mail piece of the sender…which means you’ll never know if it’s a bad address!


TL;DR: If you review and clean up your mail list internally ahead of sending to the mail house, you’ll save money, both in postage and the quantity you’ll ultimately need to have printed!


Stay tuned until next week to see our next direct mail tip!