I saw this article circulate on Facebook last week (ironic, right) and found it very fascinating.

I think like most people I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I love seeing updates and photos from friends and family. I like getting updates from the news, celebs, and finding interesting articles/quizzes (oh those quizzes, they get me every time!). However, I hate the nasty political fights, sad stories, and if I am being truly honest, I hate how sometimes I get jealous of people I know who seemingly have the perfect life (at least that’s what it looks like online). It’s a double-edge sword and one that I try to keep in check.

When it comes to liking things on Facebook, I have a loose formula…if a close friend posts a status, a picture of themselves or their kid, I like it. If someone I am not as close with or haven’t seen in years posts a major life event, I like it too. I try to walk a fine line between being “supportive” by liking things from people I’ve chosen to stay in touch with electronically and being a crazy Facebook person.

When it comes to brands, articles, links, news stories, etc. my likes are few and far between. Being a marketing professional, I know that by liking one thing, a Pandora’s box of other things will show up in my Newsfeed. I also know my friends could see it too. I try to be conscious of that and only really like the things I really care about or think others might be interested in.

Based on the article, it seems that I am on the semi-right track with managing Facebook’s algorithm to see more of what I want to see, but it also makes me kind of sad. I know my clients (and CSG for that matter) take the time to share fun, interesting and valuable information via Facebook. Unfortunately, by liking that information, you’re running the risk of clogging up your Newsfeed with things you may not be interested in at all.

Unfortunately, there’s not a clear answer here. Facebook is a free service (unless you want to pay for an ad or to boost a post), so I fear we’re stuck with what we’ve got for now. However, I think by taking a conscious approach to your liking, you can make the most of your “Facebook experience” – seeing more of what you like and tune out what you don’t.

Do you agree? How do you manage your likes on Facebook?