Our client, the American Association for Justice (AAJ), the leading organization for trial lawyers in the U.S., holds two conventions each year. I was thrilled to check out their most recent Annual Convention in Baltimore this past week.

One of the great benefits of working at CSG is we all share great ideas with each other, and when we see one of our clients doing something unique or fun, we share those ideas with our other clients.

I was able to sit in on an education session at the AAJ convention and was surprised to learn how much of what they do can be applied in my own work. As marketers, it’s beneficial to see how our clients’ members conduct their sessions, hear the kind of language they use and the topics they are talking about, and hopefully learn something about their industry. All of this helps us communicate with your audience in a way that resonates with them. The result? More registrations!

In addition to the premier education offerings, AAJ also has very prestigious and fun networking events and receptions. Their attendees were treated to a festival type party in Camden Yards on the opening night and a private concert by Huey Lewis and the News during their closing party. Those types of events have a significant impact on registration numbers. They also create a powerful and memorable experience for their attendees, which helps with retention.

AAJ’s exhibit hall isn’t a very large one compared to some of our other clients, but they sure do offer some fun and valuable rewards for anyone browsing the aisles. Some of the big hits are:

  • A golf challenge with a grand prize of $40,000. This drew in a big crowd. In the hall was a large electronic golf game where attendees took swings to get closest to the pin in their attempt to take home the big nickels.
  • Professional head shots. Not only could attendees get their headshots done by professionals, but they also had several make-up artists helping them look their best for the photo. Definitely a bonus for attendees.
  • A recess area. Some shows don’t allow children in the exhibit hall for safety reasons, but AAJ encourages families to come enjoy the convention and take part in activities. In the exhibit hall, there was a simulated race car game (sponsored), as well as a sponsored area with a very creative name (recess area—a nod to their profession) that included mats, ping pong tables, floor games and toys, and more for children to play with.

The AAJ conventions have been growing each year and it’s no wonder with the excellent experiences they provide their attendees.

aaj golf challenge
aaj headshots
aaj racing simulator
aaj recess