At one of our last client meetings, we were bringing together a large group of stakeholders from various internal departments.

We’re talking a meeting of nearly 20 company executives who touched the event, but didn’t necessarily work with each other closely on a daily basis. Clearly, an ice breaker was needed.

Our solution? Find a common denominator. We settled on alcohol. J We kicked off the meeting with breakfast and mimosas to set the right mood.

We had sent out the following question to all meeting participants in advance, as “homework.”

If your trade show was a cocktail, what would it be?

I was thrilled (and a bit surprised) to get 100% participation, and some very thoughtful and creative answers.

1. A layered cocktail because there is something for everyone and when we all mix together you get something really special.


2. A champagne cocktail because it’s always a celebration.


3. A martini, because it’s sophisticated and classic, never goes out of style, but you can personalize it to meet your preferences.


4. And, perhaps, the best response of them all was this video:

Whether you are trying to “shake it up” or “stir” in a new “twist” to your event, remember to take the time to celebrate your successes along the way. Cheers!