Like the perfect chemical compound, CSG Creative and the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) have been bringing together all the elements of success — and we’ve formed quite a bond. OK, enough with the cheesy chemical puns.

We are delighted with our new partnership with NACD. It’s been fascinating to learn about the chemical distribution sector, and how they have a role with nearly every product and every industry in the world. Did you know, approximately $31.2 billion of U.S. chemical industry sales are through chemical distributors? That’s a big economic impact! And a majority of NACD’s members are small business owners, so we’re really proud to support these thriving entrepreneurs.

Our first project was to drive awareness and engagement and refine messaging around their Washington Fly-In. This critical meeting brings small and large business operators and owners to Washington, DC. They meet with NACD policy experts to understand the regulatory landscape and help set priorities for the coming year. And, they meet one-on-one with their members of Congress to educate them on the legislation important to chemical distributors. CSG staff, along with our PR partner on this project, JDA Frontline, attended NACD’s Fly-In reception, and met directly with some of the association’s members, which was a great opportunity as well. Now, we’re hard at work branding NACD’s two largest conferences, strategizing on member retention and recruitment, and launching an on-line educational program.

And no cheesy chemical puns necessary – only smart, benefits-oriented messaging, multi-channel marketing strategies, and a fresh perspective to support this thriving and critical organization. Thank you, NACD, for the opportunity!