We’re all guilty of it — sorting through the mail and immediately tossing out the “junk” direct mail without so much as a glance in order to whittle down the pile to the “meat and potatoes” (e.g., bills, catalogs, personal correspondence, store coupons).

So as a marketer, how do you keep your messages from becoming “junk” to becoming more “meat and potatoes?”

According to a study conducted by MWV, a leading global packaging company, “64% of the people surveyed in their global study tried something new because the package caught their eye.”* Bearing that in mind, if you aren’t getting the response rates you want or expect with your current direct mail campaign, it may be time to spice it up and try a new format (“package”) or mechanism to start catching people’s attention. Here are a few dashes of inspiration:

This clear, ShipShape postcard resulted in excellent response rates!
This clear, ShipShape postcard resulted in excellent response rates!
  • Clear envelopes (ClearEnvelopes.com)
  • Oversized postcards (PostcardBuilder.com)
  • Variable printing (custom personalization)
  • Specialty varnishes (UV, soft touch, textured)
  • Clear or shaped postcards (ShipShapes.com)
  • Lenticular printing (think 3D effect)

Another great resource to help add some zest is FoldFactory.com, where samples of unique and specialty-folded direct mail are showcased each week via video. (See our awesome GBTA brochure that made it on to FoldFactory.)

Of course, staying within budget is always paramount, so while you may not be able to print a diecut, UV coated, embossed, foil stamped, metallic ink 32-page brochure, you may be able to sprinkle in ONE of those elements to create a striking effect that will give your message the right amount of seasoning to stand out in the mail.

(Websites supplied are for reference only and are not endorsed by CSG Creative.)

*MWV Packaging Matters — Packaging Impacts Shopping