NAB Show 2015 registration is still climbing towards our milestone goal of 100,000 people and everyone here in D.C. is excited about not only reaching, but exceeding the goal.

Think about a group of 100,000 people — it’s like filling a giant college football stadium to its limits! Amazing!

Being a superstitious person, though, I’m afraid to think about the goal too much out of fear of jinxing our incredible momentum leading into this fantastic show. I’m trying to be patient and optimistic, but I’m also on the lookout for positive signs, like this one: yesterday afternoon I saw a red-headed man wearing a Celtics jersey walk by the window of our offices. Yes! A luck-bearing leprechaun! I had already taken three steps towards the door to go out and give him a big bear hug before stopping, realizing how long it would take me to explain why I had nearly tackled him, screaming “I know we’ll make it!”

Anyway, my favorite part of reaching this milestone will be seeing the members of the 100K Club in person, and meeting the lucky few who happened to register for the show on an increment of 100. We sent them a 100K Golden Ticket in their registration package and asked them to take a selfie with it, then post it to their Facebook wall or their Twitter/Instagram feed with hashtag #NABShow100K. Doing so activated their Club membership and granted them and a friend VIP access to an exclusive Happy Hour on Tuesday night.

It’s been great to watch the 100K Club grow into a community of its own over the past few months, and I’ve posted some of my favorite selfie pictures from the group below. See you Tuesday, 100K Club (fingers crossed for luck)!

Is he rehearsing for a fun week in Las Vegas? Smart!

Being a 100K Club member is no Mickey Mouse business (I’m sorry, I had to).
Awesome background! Keep your ticket safe from the alien battle.
If those cameras weren’t chosen to take the selfie, can you imagine what did? Wow!
What a beautiful area! I did a lot of zooming in on this picture.
The excitement level is high!
Hey, you look like you’re about to take a bite out of your ticket! (Willy Wonka approves.)
This is purrfect.