This year at NAB Show we’re going the extra mile to capture the remarkable experiences and contagious energy which makes this show like no other.

We’re equipping our event crews with steady cams, digital microphones and improved lighting, and have added aerial robotics capabilities (aka drones) and motion time-lapse video. Did you think movie stars had exclusive rights to looking cool on camera? Think again, NAB Show participants.

Video is one of the most compelling ways a marketing team can reach audiences with key messages. CSG’s vision for NAB Show video is to demonstrate the value of industry leaders’ interactive exhibits through an exciting array of media methods. Cross-aisle synergies and foundational networking takes place under one (large) roof and on a scale that must be seen to be believed. Making the client shine through video provides a record of their existing success while inspiring non-participants to get in on the action.

Follow our blog to see finished videos post show.

Here are some videos that we produced for NAB Show 2014:

Infographic Video

nab show video screenshot

:30 Second NAB Show Flavor Video

craving innovation video screenshot