I’ll insert an obligatory spiel about the big money behind the Super Bowl here (Super Bowl commercials cost $5 million for a 30-second ad in front of 100 million eyes glued to the TV), but chances are, most of your clients don’t have a Super Bowl-sized budget for their events.

Be that as it may, it doesn’t mean Super Bowl creations can’t be a source of tactical inspiration. Here are 3 effective messaging strategies event marketers can learn from this year’s memorable Super Bowl commercials:

 1. Speak to your target audience as specifically as possible

Google nails this on the head their new veterans’ job search tool ad, with most of the commercial thumbing through codes only their target audience would recognize.

The same tactic goes for events marketing as well. Craft your message so it directly resonates and speaks to individual prospects using their words and use graphics they would recognize or that would feel familiar.

2. Keep it simple, but execute it perfectly

Bud Light continues following the hilarious medieval Bud Light castle/brewery monarch when a barrel of corn syrup is misdelivered to the castle, and the monarch leads a gang to return the corn syrup to the right brewery. The message is simple: other beers use corn syrup, Bud Light doesn’t.

If consumers are asking why buy this brand of beer instead of that one, you can be sure prospective attendees are asking, “Why this event?” Stand out from the crowd and prompt for event sign up by ensuring your event’s unique reasons to attend are covered in your messaging.

3. A personal touch helps grow attendance

Microsoft’s commercial for its Xbox Adaptive Controller, which is a gaming controller designed for players with limited mobility, will tug at your heart strings. It’s also a subtle nod at a basic human need to connect.

Relationship building is a huge reason many professionals attend trade shows. In fact, as much as 76% of attendees ranked networking among the most important reasons to attend, so emphasize the connections that prospective attendees will make at your show.