This isn’t your normal throwback, but rather a flashback to the past! With the start of the New Year, we thought we’d take one more moment to reflect on fun aspects of the past.

We want to hear from you. Post your comments about fashions, brands, TV shows, commercials, signs, taglines, and other favorite memories! Here are some of our favorites.

1. Great commercials that still make us laugh (if you’re old enough to remember).

2. Love the fonts on these old-school popular sitcoms.



3. Vintage ads –some we would never think to do in today’s world—yikes!

elite-daily-sexist-ad v9avmw7ixgreqb cellophane

4. Favorite taglines. Some of these still live on today—now that’s staying power!



5. Pantone colors of the past. What’s your favorite color?


6. Those wonderful fashion statements of elementary school kids back in the 70s.

I’m in there somewhere and I had a hunch that converse sneakers would be cool again some day. Do kids still close their eyes and make funny faces on purpose in school photographs?2889_1132029213183_1938926_n

7. How about those old-school websites?
Lots of changes happened quickly in the evolution of the Internet.




Happy New Year! We look forward to making 2015 a year to remember.