As the capital of the United States, Washington D.C. is prime land for politicians, lawyers, journalists, and more.

Washington D.C. can be a very expensive area; however, there are a lot of job opportunities out there covering the gamut of industries including mine in marketing. Today’s D.C. is incredibly diverse in age, race, and business. From doing research and from my own personal knowledge, many millennials move to the D.C. area because they consider it a ‘hot spot.’

I personally love the D.C. area because of its urban, authentic atmosphere and its close proximity and easy commute to my hometown, Fredericksburg, VA. I just recently moved to McLean, near Tyson’s Corner, and love it. While it’s not directly in D.C., the new silver Metro line is convenient and an easy walk from my condo. Also, Tyson’s Corner has some of the best shopping and nightlife in the region. A great place for a new college graduate to enjoy her off-time.

A great advantage with working at CSG Creative is not only the people, but the area as well! The company is located in the heart of Old Town, Alexandria. During the first week at my new job, I grabbed lunch with my boss and explored a bit. The area consists of many local restaurants and cute boutiques! There is also the very quaint and historic riverfront, which dates back to 1749.

I know I’m just scraping the surface of what the D.C. region has to offer to a young professional new to the area, but it feels pretty amazing to live here.