Print comes alive with direct mail marketing

With lower-cost email marketing, social media and digital advertising, you’d suspect direct mail to be a dying marketing tool. But, in an era where most advertising is online-oriented, direct mail marketing can be incredibly effective now more than ever.

Even though this article is a few years old, Chris Barr’s points still resonate: The Power of Direct Mail in the Digital Age. At CSG Creative, we believe the best campaigns incorporate a multi-channel approach, and that direct mail—when done correctly—is extremely effective. We are a strong believer in the power of direct mail. Here’s why:

Breaks Through the Clutter

There are so many creative formats when it comes to direct mail—unique shapes and carriers that really stand out in the mailbox. With less competition than your email inbox, a typical conversion rate for our campaigns of 2.5%–6% can yield real dividends.

Furthermore, when targeting and personalization are layered into your strategy, the channel becomes even more effective, with a nominal increase in costs.


It’s Cost-Effective

While direct mail does have more hard costs,  it can have an incredibly high rate of return. Many of our conference-oriented direct mail campaigns see return on promotion (ROP) of $30–$70. However, list selection, offer and timing are essential. Without a thoughtful, multi-pronged strategy, none of your marketing channels will be successful. This is especially true for direct mail. If you want to get your audience’s attention, your communications must be relevant to audience needs at the very moment they are received.

It Works!

Through our diligent post-show reporting for our trade show clients, we can bring hard data to the table. For many clients, registrants touched by direct mail verify at a higher rate than those who only receive marketing via other channels (email, telemarketing, etc.). We are also able to track key statistics. These stats include total registrations attributed to direct mail, rate of response and cost per registration. In 2016, The Direct Marketing Association found that 79% of people act on direct mail, compared to only 45% for email. In fact, InfoTrends conducted a survey finding that, while only 26% of millennials prefer email marketing, 38% prefer direct mail pieces.

Looking for suggestions to make your direct mail campaign work harder for your association? Give us a call!