CSG Creative cupcake minions
Cupcake Minions help us celebrate a birthday!

Celebrating birthdays is a big thing here at CSG.

Our creative juices get going with the challenge of making something truly delicious as well as appealing to the eye. It’s the presentation effect that makes food come alive—and when you have a bunch of creative people behind the mixing bowl, the result is usually spectacular—as evidenced by the photo below.

But not this time. Even the greatest creative minds can produce a stinker or two. Today, during the birthday celebration for one of our designers, Matt, none of us could explain why the biscuits with cheese and bacon did not create the sensation you think it would. Some threw their sample out while others just ranked them as “bland.” Megan actually used the word “poop” to describe them and it was then that I decided against even trying them.

So, to tell the story in both words and pictures, see first the seemingly innocent tray of bacon biscuits with sides of very spicy and hot potato chips. Beer was the beverage of choice as Matt’s favorite.

CSG Bacon Biscuits
Seemingly savory bacon and cheese biscuits do deceive.

Next you can see Heidi’s response to the offending biscuits. Matt slyly tried to hide his in the bookcase behind him but was caught and forced to take them home with him.

Heidi reacts to tasting the biscuits while Matt sneaks his into a nook in the shelf.

But, as you can see, all ended well mostly because the beer was cold. The lesson for the day is…well, we’re not sure what the lesson is because no one knows why bacon and cheese would not taste great on a biscuit. One of life’s mysteries, I guess. Happy Birthday, Matt!

Happy Birthday Matt.