Meet Tim, CSG’s production manager!

When he’s not cycling around Del Ray, this self-proclaimed “Pennsylvania boy” helps bring our designs to life by working with print vendors, juggling print and mailing timelines, and combing through invoices. Whenever a brochure, postcard, or invite is ready to print, Tim’s the man to make it happen.

What is your title and when did you start working for CSG?

I joined the CSG team near the end of February 2017 as their new production manager, a title I continue to hold today.

Tell us something about your job that people might not realize.

An important part of my job is working with different vendors across the country to deliver quality projects for our clients. Part of that job is reviewing each project that crosses my desk with a fine-tooth comb. There are lots of moving parts when a print job is in motion, and any overlooked detail could be costly to our clients. Someone might think that once an order is made, you can move on to the next — but it’s important that I am providing the level of communication and quality assurance our vendors as well as our clients expect from CSG. I’m always making sure each “t” is crossed and there’s a dot for each “i”!

What energizes you at work?

My coworkers, 100%. Everyone is extremely friendly and always willing to help out. There’s a lot of comradery among the whole team, and I find that very motivating. The constant stream of new projects and design work helps to keep each day fresh and interesting. I find the office a genuinely fun place to work.

What’s a trip that changed you, and why?

My honeymoon with my wife, Sara, in 2016. We spent three days on the Gili Islands, which are off the northwest coast of Lombok, Indonesia. There are three islands, all of which are off limits for motor vehicles. It was fascinating to see how the tourism worked there when there aren’t asphalt roads or trucks to move goods around. During our stay there, I learned what “island time” truly meant…not a care in the world, with no set deadlines for anything.

What’s one thing you’re learning now, and why is it important?

This past winter, I added an electric motor and battery to my road bike, which serves as my daily commuter vehicle. Since I went the DIY route — electrifying my existing bike instead of purchasing a new e-bike — I had to brush up on my bike maintenance knowledge and review what little I know about electricity (watts? amps? watthours? I should have paid more attention in high school!). Understanding how all the systems work together is critical to keeping my e-bike on the road in a safe and stable condition, allowing me to commute by bike on a daily basis.