Marketers are constantly tasked with coming up with fresh content to keep their client campaigns dynamic and on the cutting edge. Designers are challenged with keeping creative “nouveau” and current with the latest color and typography trends.

And it’s no different for production professionals charged with making a client’s print collateral stand out from year to year. The copy may be spot on, the design may look stunning, but if the piece doesn’t get noticed in all the mailbox clutter, all could be for naught!

Fortunately, there are a number of new resources available to spark some divine inspiration for the look of your client’s next direct marketing piece. The latest craze hitting consumers has been “direct to your home” delivery of pretty much any product you can think of: beauty product samples (Birchbox), healthy snacks (NatureBox), razors (Dollar Shave Club), home prepared meals (Blue Apron), the list goes on and on. Well, add Parse and Parcel to the mix.

Parse and Parcel (parseandparcel.com) is a true resource for print and paper inspiration. The site offers different subscription options for customers to receive printed samples directly to their door every month, including paper samples, swatch books, paper mill books, unique varnish effects, letterpress examples, foil stamping and more!


PaperSpecs (paperspecs.com) is another site that offers webinars and videos on a variety of print-related topics, an online gallery of design samples, a blog chock-full of inspiration, resources that include a variety of helpful “cheat sheets” and a glossary of various print terminology.

Finally, InkOnDaPaper.com is a print industry blog touching on topics such as print’s role in digital marketing, the U.S. Postal Service debuting digital mail, and direct mail and millenials, to name a few.

So there really is inspiration everywhere you look! Hopefully by adding a few more resources to your toolbox, you can continue to provide diverse and wow-factor campaigns for your clients again and again!

(Websites and companies listed are for reference only and are not endorsed by CSG Creative.)