So, does Blogville need another company design blog? We’re the CSG Creative team and we think the answer is a resounding YES!

We’re ready (read: hopping on one foot with anticipation) to add a different voice and dimension to the design community’s on-line discourse by sharing our expertise and 30+ years of experience in the branding and marketing of tradeshows, events and expositions.

Tradeshows are not only the cornerstone of our business — they can offer key insights into a wide spectrum of topics applicable to the marketplace because they thrive in the crucible that brings buyers and sellers together. As a result, CSG Creative can offer you an insider’s view of what is happening within that dynamic nexus while also creating a forum for sharing and exploring the strategies, techniques and tools that we all use to maintain our edge.

We are looking forward to reaching beyond our own 17 walls (and one tent) to share this information with all the stakeholders, clients, exhibitors, and fellow design-heads, and to offer a repository of resource information accessible to everyone.

Our parent company is National Trade Productions, which organizes all aspects of expositions, conferences and events for a diverse group of industries and contributes additional expertise with national and international exhibitors and attendees. Our award-winning team is looking forward to channeling what we love to do into a dialogue of shared interests and joint exploration. Don’t let this be a monologue — send us your comments now.