The other week, my colleague and I (both Millenials), attended a seminar on how brands are engaging with us, the Millenials. Here is a little bit of what we learned, and how we feel about it.

Like any and all generations, Millenials are also victim to stereotypes and preconceived notions. For example, Millenials are mostly classified as being lazy and idiotic, yet all the while, have a heightened sense of entitlement (trust us, or Google it). One thing we have right though, is that Millenials are extremely social by nature—having grown up in the booming tech era.

Being the first truly tech-raised generation, Millenials have been a real head stumper for marketers today—the traditional models just don’t apply. For one thing, simply having a cool product is not enough for this generation. Millenials grew up bombarded with push marketing tactics making them numb to cookie-cutter product offerings. They don’t rely on advertising for their product information—they go to their trusted resources, friends and family, on social channels. They expect more, something different—but what is that? How do we cut through the clutter they grew up ignoring? What type of advertising will get through to them? What draws them in? What do they value?

Experience. Whether it be in-store aesthetics or something as small as a tissue papered bag at check out—they want to be surprised and delighted. The tech generation has the world of information at their fingertips, so that little sense of something unexpected is what gets their blood pumping and keeps them coming back for more. The bar has officially been raised by Millenials for all industries.

Secondly, they value individuality. With social embedded in their lives, Millenials are striving to stand out from everyone and everything on their newsfeeds—just like they expect their products to stand out. See a trend here?

The social generation knows that they can afford to be picky and frugal, they strive to be different, and they value experience over product. So how do we tap into the Millenials at tradeshows? We need to offer more than just a convention center full of products. It’s time to get loud, flashy and go that extra mile. Make it an experience that reaches across all senses. Think outside that cookie-carved box.


Let us remember that generalizations are just that, generalizations. We Millenials here at CSG Creative are always pushing the envelope and challenging these assumptions every day. We are go-getters, extremely aspirational and forward-thinkers. Take that Google search.