CSG Save the Date Mailer for GBTA
CSG Save the Date Mailer for GBTA

What makes for great marketing? Well a lot. But one thing that all brands need is to get attention.

Breaking through the clutter is vital to get your message out. You want people to a) see your brand among the letters and brochures in their hands, b) recognize your brand and hopefully smile because they like you so much already and c) stop and look at your mail piece and be intrigued enough to say, “I’m going to open this!”

So how to do that? Through a combination of a great message, design and format. Recently, CSG Creative developed a piece for one of our clients — Global Business Travel Association — who brilliantly spent the money and took the plunge to send out an incredibly inventive piece.

The campaign theme was “No Boundaries,” and this piece certainly pushed the boundaries of what’s possible for direct mail. It was sent in a clear envelope (cool) and was folded as a spiral accordion (very cool). Combined with a beautiful design and compelling message, this piece became a superstar fold without the expense of a die-cut, and fit nicely within the “budget boundaries” of the client. We are still tracking and will share the results with our clients, but we know it’s a hit.

You really need to see this piece to appreciate the beauty and function of it. So, play the video below from our friend and direct mail superstar Trish from Fold Factory who showcased the piece on her 60-Second Fold of the Week video.

Marketing lesson to take home and ponder: Take the plunge! Yes, it costs money, but the return on your investment is worth it. The entire point is to grab attention and make people look at your message. Make sure your customers do just that and show how creative and genius your brand is. We have other ideas — so let us know if you want some for your marketing campaigns.