Are you tired of the same old brochures and reports with loads of copy? I mean, who wants to read all that anyway. There’s got to be a better way to illustrate important information. There is!

Infographics are a big trend right now! They can add a lot of visual interest to engage the reader.

I created this infographic in a brochure for NTP's new show, SpaceCom.
I created this infographic in a brochure for NTP’s new show, SpaceCom.
  • Use them in small amounts throughout a brochure to break up the copy
  • Use them on your web site to communicate specific stats or call outs
  • Use them to present the information gathered in your post-show report

Hard stats such as percentages, attendance numbers, size comparisons, number comparisons from year to year, etc. are all great info to work with!

Have you tried it?

I made this little collage to show some different inspiration that I pull from.