Tips for a successful rebranding.

To rebrand, you must consider both how to refresh your brand experience and how to communicate your refreshed brand to target audiences.

We have outlined useful tips and guidelines to help you carry out a rebranding project that is rooted in strategic insights and set up for success.

1. Define Your Goals and Objectives

Before starting, establish the outcomes that you want to achieve and how you’ll define success.

2. Research, Explore and Discover

Research is the backbone of any successful rebranding. Thoughtful research will help you get to the core of how people feel about your brand. Meet with key stakeholders to understand current challenges and identify opportunities. Then, synthesize your findings to draw conclusions and define target audiences.

3. Create a Brand Platform

Create a short and to-the point mission statement to establish a clear vision of what you want your brand to achieve and how you want your brand to achieve it. Map out your brand purpose and positioning to strategically define how your brand fits into the competitive landscape.

4. Develop Brand Messaging and a Visual Identity

Develop a new brand tagline and the storylines that will guide your marketing copy, then create smart visuals that tie it all together. Don’t be afraid to repeat key messaging planks that will drive home your brand positioning with target audiences. By establishing the tonality of your messaging upfront, you can control how your brand is expressed and create a consistent brand voice.

5. Align Your Brand

Define strategic brand shifts and how they will refresh your brand experience. Develop a strategic marketing and activation plan to raise awareness of your refreshed brand. This should include an audit of all touchpoints — from web to social to print — and a rollout plan for refreshing them.

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