Tim Lovelace

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PMS Cool Gray 7

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The Bitmoji

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When the Bass Drops

Tim Lovelace

Senior Manager, Agency Operations

As production manager, Tim coordinates all printing, mailing, and fulfillment-related projects traveling down CSG’s creative pipeline.

The relationships Tim has built with numerous printers in the DC metro area, as well as across the country, help ensure that our clients receive top priority and the best customer service once a project has been released. Always working one step ahead, Tim is constantly educating himself and informing the CSG team on the latest trends the industry has to offer, including special effects, unique printing techniques, and interesting paper stocks. While not as exciting, he also stays up to date on the ever-changing postal regulations, assuring team members and clients that there will be no last-minute surprises at the post office.

Upon discovering his passion for all things print during his early college days, Tim went on to graduate from California University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in graphic communications and multimedia. Before joining the CSG team, he worked for several years managing print for two high-end commercial printers in Northern Virginia. The knowledge and insight Tim acquired working at these companies proved invaluable to him, essentially paving his path toward CSG.

When he’s not critiquing CMYK color builds or reviewing proofs, he enjoys geeking out over the latest Apple products, sampling craft beer with his wife, and hanging around Del Ray with their pup, Maeby.