Advanced Medical Technology Association


The Virtual MedTech Conference




When the conference team made the decision to switch to virtual in 2020, registration for the in-person event had already launched. Because creative assets were in the marketplace, it was important to come back with something new when the virtual event was announced. A virtual event is not the same experience, but The Virtual MedTech Conference stands for the same high level of quality that attendees have come to expect.


To start, CSG created a new logo for The Virtual MedTech Conference as an extension of the existing conference brand. We introduced a tech driven variation on the logo icon and integrated the word “virtual” into the existing lockup.

Next, we relooked at the 2020 conference creative through the lens of virtual and tweaked the designs while keeping the overarching concept the same. By offering something that looked new, we were able to better engage audiences and connect with the virtual aspects of this year’s conference.

Finally, we repositioned the conference messaging to appeal to today’s audiences. The original 2020 theme of “United by Purpose” was well-positioned for the time of COVID-19, but by creating additional messaging planks, we were able to connect the virtual event and the industry’s response to the pandemic. This allowed us to focus our messaging on the advantages and opportunities that come from a virtual event.


Attendance and press coverage for The Virtual MedTech Conference was very strong. We exceeded conference attendance goals by 47%. By investing in a brand for The Virtual MedTech Conference and strategically positioning the event, we were able to achieve success.


Exceeded Attendance Goals