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Video is a key component to any digital marketing strategy. But how do you make your videos stand out from the crowd and showcase what your brand is all about in a short timeframe?

For IAAPA Expo, it was important for our videos to showcase the complete Expo experience and break the mold of a “typical trade show video,” which, for many other agencies, includes B-roll, a mashup of testimonials…and more B-roll.

With the launch of IAAPA’s new association and show brand, we had the added challenge of incorporating the brand story into the videos. IAAPA challenged us to showcase the emotion and joy associated with their brand.


When thinking about the IAAPA Expo experience, we realized that we had three perspectives to share: an exhibitor, a repeat attendee, and a first-time attendee.

We worked closely with IAAPA to identify three individuals that fit within those target profiles. Once the individuals were selected, we called each person to talk about our plan for filming, sample questions and the goal for the videos.

After filming each individual experiencing the show, our video team created a visual profile for each individual and their unique IAAPA Expo story.


We launched each video at carefully planned intervals within the campaign.
First, we debuted the Exhibitor Video during a final push for exhibit sales over email and all social channels. On Facebook alone, it received 2,000+ views, 12 shares and 54 responses.

Next, the Repeat Attendee Video was launched with registration, receiving 12,000 views, 7 shares and 51 responses. It was then edited to serve in our video pre-roll advertisement campaign on YouTube. During this campaign, the video’s VTR (view thru rate) was strong at 71%. This ranks well above a benchmark of 51% and showcases a high level of engagement with our content.

Finally, the First-Time Attendee Video debuted on social media prior to the Early Bird Deadline, receiving 21,000 views, 12 shares and 51 responses on Facebook.

Overall, we have been very pleased with the level of engagement and the videos themselves. Many IAAPA members and staff have told us that they get “goosebumps” watching them, as it helps them remember what is special about their industry.






View Through Rate (VTR)