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Peter Cajamarca

Digital Marketing Manager

Peter brings a 5+ years of experience in digital marketing strategy, optimization, and reporting to the CSG Team.

Peter loves analyzing data and using those insights to make strategic recommendations. A background in science has honed Peter’s analytical skills.

Additionally, Peter brings client-friendly experience to the table. At his previous role, Peter worked directly with clients in the hospitality industry. His high level of commitment to great service means client calls, reporting analysis, check ins and more are all focused on helping clients understand the information and feel confident in moving forward.

Peter is deeply passionate about digital marketing because it gives a powerful platform to anyone who wants to achieve their marketing goals through a connected world. The targeting tools and levers at your disposal gives everyone a real opportunity for success. Managing these levers and making smart data-driven decisions is what fuels a successful campaign.

In his free time Peter enjoys spending time with his dog, Icey, whether it is playing fetch, going on walks, hiking, but mostly playing fetch. Peter also is an avid soccer fan and his favorite teams are D.C. United and AC Milan.