Jess Schafer

If I were a pantone color

PMS 3115

Favorite Time of Day

7:30 pm

Favorite Drink

Pinot Grigio

Jess Schafer

Sr. Director, Strategic Accounts

Jess was born and raised in Los Angeles, where she began her career in advertising while working in account services on various consumer and B2B brands.

Prior to joining CSG, she spent 10 years in the sporting goods industry, where she led both brand strategy and creative direction for an international consumer brand. As the director of brand marketing, Jess led a team of brand managers and graphic designers and was responsible for developing and executing integrated marketing campaigns comprising digital and social media, video content, event marketing, print, and in-store activations.

Jess is an avid list maker with a get-it-done attitude, and she thrives in collaborative and creative environments. As director of strategic accounts, Jess is responsible for brand development, strategic planning, partnerships, and campaign execution, and applies her knowledge and experience in consumer product marketing and campaign development to her work at CSG.

Jess enjoys going on adventures with her family, catching up on her favorite Bravo shows (a guilty pleasure!), cooking, and watching and attending sporting events. She’s also known to be quite competitive when it comes to fantasy football. She holds a BA in communications and art history from Santa Clara University.