Dakota Williams

If I were a pantone color

PMS 341

Favorite Superpower

Controlling Time

Favorite Movie Quote

"Some of the worst things were done with the best of intentions."

Dakota Williams

Sr. Account Executive

With 6 years of marketing agency experience, Dakota offers a solutions-oriented mindset when it comes to client relationships.

After studying advertising at Brigham Young University, he worked to build digital marketing campaigns for a variety of B2C businesses across multiple industries. Through implementing multi-channel campaigns, tracking analytics, adjusting tactics, and finding new strategies, he helped clients achieve their sales goals and objectives.

Dakota’s previous digital agency experience provided a strong foundation for the inner workings of campaigns and client customer care. He is excited to put that knowledge to work and help CSG’s clients share their passions with others.

Outside the office, Dakota loves spending time outdoors including hiking, biking, and exploring the Washington, D.C. area. A native of Las Vegas, Nevada, he enjoyed living in the mountains of Utah for a few years before moving to Virginia. Other hobbies include photography, reading, studying history, and watching movies.