Mobile is moving fast. Smartphones, smart watches, tablets, phablets — mobile tech is evolving in leaps and bounds (do you remember when your phone wasn’t “smart”?) and there are more screens and ways to get to screens than ever before.

And that’s exactly why Google just unveiled its streamlined new brands and solutions.

Google Ads — More Connections at Any Size

The biggest announcement here is Google’s new default campaign type: the highly automated Smart Campaign, designed with small business owners in mind. A Smart Campaign takes only minutes to set up and gives simple, easy to understand reporting. You can advertise your website or Google+ page (yes, it’s still around) on Google or Google Maps, and to make it easy, Google suggests some images to use as well as key phrases. When someone searches for phrases related to your business, you can appear above or below the search results.

If you’d rather not let Google take the wheel and detailed reporting is a godsend for you, you still have your usual campaign types: Search, Display, Video, Universal App, and Shopping ads.

Google Marketing Platform — Ads, Meet Analytics

Ads and analytics just go so well together. With the customer-centric Google Marketing Platform, marketers can plan, buy, measure and optimize ads and their customers’ experiences all in one place. You’ll see some more name changes here, too. DoubleClick Search is now Search Ads 360, and DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager, Studio, and Audience Center will slowly start to huddle under the new Display & Video 360 umbrella.

Part of the Platform’s new customer-first approach is also a privacy-first policy. The platform helps marketers deliver more relevant marketing and better results while helping ensure customers’ privacy.

Google Ad Manager — Be Where the People Are

The new Google Ad Manager takes the best of DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange. This complete platform enables publishers to deliver, measure, and optimize ads wherever customers are online. Live streams, connected TVs, mobile games and apps, and YouTube are all open for ads.

While the changes are mostly cosmetic, it will be easier to get and understand results — and we are two thumbs up for that!