Shock, humor, emotion — Sunday’s close Super Bowl game had us (and 100 million other viewers!) glued to the edge of our seats.

And Sunday or not, our marketer minds were still tuning in as we took stock of our favorite Super Bowl commercials, and the ones that sent us scurrying for snack breaks instead.

Last year you might remember several ads paying homage to the nation’s immigrant roots and giving nods to civil rights movements. Super Bowl 2018 sang a different tune, with ads taking on a lighter tone as politics took a back seat in favor of some good ole’ humor. (Dodge Ram, take note!)

Here are some of our favorites:

(You’ll need to click “Watch on YouTube” — it’s worth the extra click!)

And our pick for ad most fumbled:

(Nope, we can’t really believe Steven Tyler would drive a Kia, either.)

Which ad do you think made it to the end zone? Which ad do you think was a total bust?