Mirtha Lopez

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PMS 676C

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My Chucks (I own too many to admit)

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My Son's Laughter

Mirtha Lopez

Sr. Account Executive

Mirtha is known as the “executor” because she makes sure that each project given to her is finished from beginning to end.

Mirtha has extensive experience in Sales and Marketing and has held several managerial roles such as Sales Recruiting Manager, Marketing Manager, and Product Marketing Manager. She has worked in various sectors — from big pharma, hospitality and advertising, and the financial industry. Her diverse experience and skillset allow her to consider a wide range of point-of-views for different campaigns that are needed.

Mirtha holds a Bachelor of Science in both Marketing and International Business from George Mason University.

Outside of work, Mirtha enjoys learning how to play Minecraft and Roblox with her son and discovering new recipes to cook.