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Lara Lee

Digital Designer

Lara is a designer who loves to create memorable, meaningful digital designs that engage viewers and enhance usability.

Her expertise spans graphic and web design, front-end web development, print production, DSLR photography, and vector illustration.

Lara has been designing for print and web for over eight years. She started her creative career as a graphic designer at Rottman Creative Group, and eventually started her own business as a freelance designer for small businesses, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs. Today, Lara thrives on creating new digital designs completely from scratch. She can even hand-code entire websites without any WYSIWYGs.

Lara graduated from the University of Maryland with a BS in Digital Media & Web Technology: Front-End Web Design & Development, as well as a BFA. In addition to designing, Lara enjoys showing off her cockatiel named Bullet, running cross country, and clean eating.