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Katie Emig

Digital Content Specialist

From creating content, managing email campaigns, analyzing metrics, and spotting opportunities for growth across all channels, Katie can do it all.

Katie’s passion for marketing first blossomed when she decided to take a marketing elective course during her senior year of high school. It quickly became her favorite class, and she was thrilled when she learned she could make a career out of two of her passions: writing and social media.

She is always ready to dive head-first into new challenges, as she feels it’s the best way to learn new things. This is partly due to her experience working with smaller companies, where wearing multiple hats and taking on different responsibilities without hesitation is a common part of the job.

Prior to CSG, Katie was a Content Marketer for a startup company based in Annapolis, MD. During her time there, she increased social media engagement across all platforms and played a huge part in helping with the company’s rebrand in 2021. She holds a B.A. in English from the University of Delaware.