1. Login to LinkedIn

Login to LinkedIn, then locate the profile for CSG Creative's Associate Director of Digital, Boney Pandya,


2. Connect

Click on the ellipses () to show more options then click “Connect.”

3. Send invitation

When prompted, click “Send now.”

4. Go to Advertise

At the top, click on “Work” and go to “Advertise.”

5. Create ad

Click on “Create Ad.” Despite the link saying, “Create Ad,” this link leads to the LinkedIn Campaign Manager where you can create an ad and do many other things.

6. Create account

If you have an ad account for your LinkedIn page already, you will see your account listed in the table. Click on the account and skip to Step #9.

If you do not have any ad accounts, click “Create Account,” and proceed with the next step.

7. Input your information

Input what name you would like to call the account, select the currency to be used for billing, and search for the LinkedIn page, using the page's exact name, to be associated with the account.

8. Save

Click “Save” to finish.

9. Manage access

At the top, click the “Business Settings” button and go to “Manage Access.”

10. Edit user permissions

When prompted, click to “Edit” user permissions.

11. Add user to account

Next, click “Add user to account.”

12. Add Boney Pandya

Input Boney's LinkedIn page URL to quickly find him, then click on his name.


13. Change role to “Account Manager”

In the drop-down menu, change Boney's role from “Viewer” to “Account Manager.” Boney does not need to be made a billing admin.

14. You're all DONE!

Click “Save Changes” to close the window.