1. Login to Facebook and go to your Business page

Click the down arrow and look for “Business Manager.” If “Business Manager” is not in your menu, go to Step #2. If “Business Manager” is in your menu, go to Step #8.

2. If you don't have a Business Manager account in Facebook, create one

Visit https://business.facebook.com, and login, if promted.

3. Click “Create Account”

The button may be in the center or the top right of the page.

4. Connect an existing account or create a new one

A window prompt will ask if you would like to connect any existing Facebook business pages to Business Manager. If your page is listed, click “Connect Accounts.” Otherwise, click on “Create New Account.”

5. Name your account

Your business name, your name, and your work email address.

6. Add your business details

Your business address, contact information, and business use.

7. Confirm your account

Check your work email to confirm your new Business Manager account.

8. Go to “Business Settings”

At the top, click the “Business Settings” button.

9. Add a new partner

Under the “Users” tab, click on “Partners,” then “+ Add.”

10. Add Boney Pandya as your new partner

Grant CSG Creative's Associate Director of Digital, Boney Pandya, access to your Facebook account by inputting his

Business Manager ID: 325761158271986

11. “Check” your Business page

From the “Select role” drop-down menu, select “Page admin.” When finished, click “Invite.”

12. You're all DONE!

Just click “Done” to close the window.