Great pre-planning work by the IBEX team for its 2015 show!

One of the top reasons for attending the International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) is for marine professionals to be able to meet up and network with one another. It’s their one trade event of the year focused solely on the industry side of recreational marine products, where their attentions are not split among consumers also browsing the show. To help attendees and exhibitors make the most of this opportunity, the IBEX team packed its 2015 show with AHI moments (after-hours interactions).

Happy Hour Right on the Exhibit Floor

To keep attendees browsing and mingling with exhibitors longer, IBEX held two separate events on the show floor. The first was a Composites Cocktail Challenge and Competition — held strategically in its Composites Pavilion. Attendees were given trivia challenges based on composites technology while they sampled cocktails concocted by the exhibitors.

The second event, in honor of its Louisville, KY, location, was a Bourbon & Brew Happy Hour that extended across the entire exhibit floor. Attendees could sample $1 shots of Kentucky’s finest Bourbons while they browsed the floor.

Events Continued Off the Exhibit Floor

ibex2Once the happy hour events were completed, the IBEX team had other opportunities ready to further initiate one-on-one mingling and jumpstart conversations.

Rock the Yacht Concert and Pre-Party — Attendees and exhibitors were treated to a pre-party with hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and a live band. Then, those who purchased pre-sale tickets to a Rock the Yacht Concert headed in to enjoy a lineup of 80s bands along with visiting private exhibitor boxes to watch the show.

4th Street Live — The following evening, IBEX attendees and exhibitors headed to downtown Louisville’s 4th Street Live, where they dined, dropped in on exhibitor parties, and experienced some of the local flavors.

All of these events meant additional preparations by the IBEX team beyond selling booths and normal operations. Their efforts paid off, and IBEX 2015 was a successful show with satisfied exhibitors and quality attendees. Congratulations IBEX!